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Conference Title Speaker
SIGMOD 2020 Making Search Engines Faster by Lowering the Cost of Querying Business Rules Through FPGAs Fabio Maschi
EuroSys 2020 Lambada: Interactive Data Analytics on Cold Data Using Serverless Cloud Infrastructure [Poster] Ingo Müller
SPMA @ EuroSys 2020 Serverless Clusters: The Missing Piece for Interactive Batch Applications? Ingo Müller
SysML 2019 Continuous Integration of Machine Learning Models with Cedric Renggli
EUROSYS 2018 Fast and strongly-consistent per-item resilience in key-value stores Konstanitn Taranov
SIGMOD 2017 Accelerating Pattern Matching Queries in Hybrid CPU-FPGA Architectures David Sidler
SIGMOD 2017 FPGA-based Data Partitioning Kaan Kara
NSDI 2016 Consensus in a Box: Inexpensive Coordination in Hardware Zsolt Istvan
Usenix ATC 2015 Shoal: Smart Allocation And Replication Of Memory For Parallel Programs Stefan Kaestle
 OSDI 2014 Pydron: Semi-Automatic Parallelization for Multi-Core and the Cloud Stefan Müller
 OSDI 2014 Decoupling Cores, Kernels, and Operating Systems Gerd Zellweger
SOSP 2009 The Multikernel: A New OS Architecture for Scalable Multicore Systems Andrew Baumann


Research Profile Videos

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Title Author
Many-Query Join: Efficient Shared Execution of Relational Join Operations Darko Makreshanski
Quality and Optimization in Crowdsourcing Besmira Nushi
Data Processing with FPGAs David Sidler
Hardware Accelerators for the Datacenter Zsolt Istvan
Rack-Scale Database Systems Claude Barthels
Resource Management in Barrelfish Simon Gerber


Inaugural Lectures 

Name Title Date
Onur Mutlu Future Computing Architectures 15.05.2017
Ce Zhang Data Sciences, Data Systems, and Data Services 25.05.2017
Ankit Singla Internet at the Speed of Light 10.10.2016