Rhizoma: runtime to self-managing overlays - Past Project

Project Description

Rhizoma is a constraint-based runtime system for distributed applications which is self-hosting. The application manages itself to the extent of acquiring and releasing resources (in particular, virtual machines) in response to failures, offered load, or changing policy. Operators developing and deploying application using Rhizoma specify desired application deployment using a form of constrained logic programming, and the Rhizoma runtime uses this to drive resource requests continuously during the lifetime of the application.


Current project members:

  • Ercan Ucan 
  • Qin Yin 

Past contributors:


  • Rhizoma: a runtime for self-deploying, self-managing overlays
    Qin Yin, Adrian Schuepbach, Justin Cappos, Andrew Baumann, Timothy Roscoe
    In Proceedings of Middleware 2009, ACM Press, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, October 2009
  • Programming personal clouds
    Qin Yin, Ercan Ucan, Andrew Baumann, Timothy Roscoe
    WIP (Work-in-Progress) talk and poster in Eurosys 2009, Nuremberg, Germany, April 2009
  • Dependable Self-Hosting Distributed Systems Using Constraints
    Qin Yin, Justin Cappos, Andrew Baumann, Timothy Roscoe
    In Proceedings of HotDep 2008, San Diego, CA, USA, December 2008