Data Cyclotron - Past Project

Project Description

The transport mechanisms offered by modern network cards that support remote direct memory access (RDMA) significantly shift the priorities in distributed systems. Complex and sophisticated machinery designed only to avoid network traffic can now be replaced by schemes that can use the available bandwidth to their advantage. One such scheme is Data Cyclotron, a research effort that we pursue jointly with the database group at CWI Amsterdam. Based on a simple ring-shaped topology, Data Cyclotron offers ad-hoc querying over data of arbitrary shape and arbitrary size.

One example of how database queries can be processed efficiently in a Data Cyclotron ring is cyclo-join. Using the ring topology, cyclo-join leverages distributed main-memory and CPU resources to process arbitrary database joins. Other than existing schemes, cyclo-join does not depend on pre-established data distributions or specific join predicates (see our DaMoN 2009 paper for details on cyclo-join).

Project Members

Project members (in alphabetical order):

  • Philip Frey
  • Romulo Gonçalves (CWI)
  • Martin Kersten (CWI)
  • Jens Teubner