Thesis/Lab Projects Descriptions


Masters/Semester/Lab Projects (scroll down for Enzian and Sockeye thesis proposals)

 Master Thesis Projects:

  • Accelerating Machine Learning in Apache Arrow [MT/BT/Semester Project] (pdf)

  • An FPGA Framework for Deploying Forward Neural Networks [MT] (pdf)

  • Heracles: Efficient FPGA Engine for LSTM-based Neural Networks [MT] (pdf)

  • Compiling JSONiq to XQuery 3.1 [MT/BT] (pdf)

  • Extending Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) with Data Types [MT] (pdf)

  • 100 Gbit/s Key-Value Store [MT] (pdf)

  • Satellite-based low-latency Internet [MT/BT] (pdf)

  • De-anonymizing encrypted video streams [MT] (pdf)

  • DS3 Lab Project Proposals (Machine Learning, NLP/Computer Vision...)

  • Making machine learning friendlier in the cloud [MT] (pdf)

  • Bringing circuits switching back from the dead [MT] (pdf)

  • How un/fair is the Internet? [MT or BT] (pdf)

 Bachelor Thesis Projects

See proposals marked [MT or BT] above.

Enzian & Sockeye Thesis Projects

There are several thesis projects available within the Enzian and Sockeye projects:

  • System configuration management for hybrid HW/SW compute platforms [MT/BT] (pdf)
  • Abstraction and Modeling of Voltage Regulators [MT/BT] (pdf)
  • Towards high-assurance Board Management Controller software [MT/BT] (pdf)
  • Computer platform visualization for Enzian [BT] (pdf)
  • Sockeye - Address Space Equivalence [MT/BT] (pdf)
  • Sockeye - Performance Characteristics [MT/BT] (pdf)
  • Application of the CleanQ interface in the Linux Operating System [MT/BT] (pdf)
  • Network Stack Based on Device Queues [MT] (pdf)
  • Dynamic Power Management of OLTP Systems Using Reinforcement Learning [MT] (pdf)

Contact Timothy Roscoe ( if you are interested in any of them.