ASAP - Past Project

ASAP (Adaptive Reservation and Preallocation) QoS Framewok

The ASAP project deals with QoS provisioning in wireless multihop network environments.

With the increasing widespread use of wireless technologies, the need arises for QoS provisioning mechanisms for multimedia applications in wireless networks. However, to support QoS in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) is more challenging than in fixed and last-hop wireless access networks. QoS protocols designed for fixed network, e.g. RSVP, are not applicable in MANETs, because they cannot cope with MANETs highly dynamic topology. Existing QoS frameworks explicitly built for MANETs are not as flexible and efficient as needed. ASAP is a QoS framework to be used in a multihop wireless network environment. By using two signaling messages, ASAP provides fast and efficient QoS support while maintaining adaptation flexibility and minimizing wasted reservations. Simulation of this framework using AODV have been done show the features and performance of ASAP and to demonstrate the design concepts.


ASAP/ns (for ns version 2.27)
ASAP/ns documentation


ASAP: An Adaptive QoS Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, in Proc. IEEE PIMRC 2003, Beijing

Further material:

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Patrick Stuedi
Jianbo Xue