Multimed - Past Project


Multicore computers pose a substantial challenge to infrastructure software such as operating systems or databases. These platforms typically evolve slower than the underlying hardware but with multicore they face structural limitations that can be solved only with radical architectural changes. In this paper we argue that, as has been suggested for operating systems, databases could treat multicore architectures as a distributed system rather than trying to hide the parallel nature of the hardware. We first analyze the limitations of database engines when running on multicores using MySQL and PostgreSQL as examples. We then show how to deploy several replicated engines within a single multicore machine to achieve better scalability and stability than a single database engine operating on all cores. When combined with options like virtualization and the ability to tune the system configuration to the load and number of available cores, the approach we propose becomes an appealing alternative to having to entirely redesign the database engine.

Project Members:

Former Members: Tudor Salomie, Ionut Subasu