Introduction to the Systems Group

The Systems Group is an open research and teaching collaboration by professors at ETH Zürich in the general area of systems. The group is part of the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. 

The research interests of the group include the following areas:

  • Operating Systems Design and Implementation
  • Network Architecture and Wide-Area Distributed Systems
  • Cloud Computing & Datacenters
  • Database, Data Processing and Mashine Learning
  • Data Management on Modern Hardware
  • Data Science


The Systems Group hosts a wide variety of research projects, many in collaboration with industry; it also has a wide network of collaborators and partners. As part of its research activities, the Systems Group maintains an active visitor program, offers scholarships for completion of Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science at ETHZ, as well as supporting young scientists in their research careers by funding post-doc and senior researcher positions.

Our research is characterized by:

  • Collaborative research: our research projects are carried out in teams, with input and contributions from people with backgrounds and interests ranging from databases to operating systems and networks.
  • Real systems: we typically work on complete systems that are mostly commercialized, licensed, or released as open source software. We have a track record of such systems, spin-off companies, and products created as a result of our research.
  • Ties to industry: our work is long-term, exploratory research, but many of our projects take place in collaboration with industry.
  • Emphasis on tech transfer to education and industry: we place equal weight on research activities and university education. We aim to make these two goals indistinguishable by regularly bringing together experts from industry, students, and researchers to discuss ideas and projects, and by opening up our research projects to both students and industry.