Fall 2019

Time and Location

The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15 at CAB E 72.

Lunch Seminar organizers:

Bojan Karlas, Daniel Schwyn, Zhenhao He, Max Grüner


The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.


Date Speaker Institute Topic Food
20.09.2019 Michael Giardino ETH Zurich Short Intro Talk Fabio Maschi
  Luka Rimanic ETH Zurich Short Intro Talk  
  Catalina Alvarez ETH Zurich Short Intro Talk  
27.09.2019 Jialin Li University of Washington Co-Designing Distributed Systems with Programmable Network Hardware Catalina Alvarez
04.10.2019 Anastasiia Ruzhanskaia ETH Zurich Introductory Talk Lukas Humbel
11.10.2019 Kaan Kara ETH Zurich PipeArch: Generic and Preemptively Scheduled FPGA-based Data Processing Merve Gürel
18.10.2019 Rong Kang Tsinghua University Maximum-Margin Hamming Hashing Michal Wawrzoniak
  Simon Kassing ETH Zurich Flexible Data Transport  

Pasquale Davide Schiavone 

ETH Zurich An introduction to the Open-Source RISC-V PULP Cores: energy efficiency, design challenges and future directions  Anastasiia Ruzhanskaia
01.11.2019 Dario Korolija ETH Zurich LynX: An FPGA virtualization framework for heterogeneous systems Shaoduo Gan
08.11.2019 Zsolt István IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid StreamChain: Towards Sub-Millisecond Processing in Blockchains Graur Dan-Ovidiu
15.11.2019 Debopam Bhattacherjee  ETH Zurich Network Topology Design at 27,000 km/h Luka Rimanić
22.11.2019 Ingo Müller ETH Zurich Lambada: Interactive Data Analytics on Cold Data using Serverless Cloud Infrastructure Lukas Humbel
29.11.2019 Thomas Lemmin ETH Zurich RosENet: A 3D Convolutional Neural Network for predicting absolute binding affinity using molecular mechani Nora Hossle
06.12.2019 Vojislav Dukic ETH Zurich Enabling distributed regional data center networks Monica Chiosa
13.12.2019 Ziogas Alexandros Nikolaos ETH Zurich A Data-Centric Approach to Extreme-Scale Ab initio Dissipative Quantum Transport Simulations Abishek Ramdas
20.12.2019 Giacomo Indiveri Institute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich Neuromorphic Computing with Spiking Neural Networks  Dimitrios Koutsoukos