Fall 2018

Time and Location

The lunch seminar is held every Friday from 12:15 to 13:15 at CAB E 72.

Lunch Seminar organizers:

Vasiliki Kalavri, Melissa Licciardello, Shaoduo Gan, Sabir Akhadov


The topic will be announced shortly before the talk.


Date Speaker Institute Topic Food
 21.09.2018  Can Firtina  ETH Zurich  Biologically inspired computing architectures and their integration with the Brain-Computer Interfaces

Andrea Lattuada


Abishek Ramdas   ETH Zurich  VLSI Testing and Diagnosis
 28.09.2018  Frances Hubis  ETH Zurich  Variational Inference for Dynamic Causal Models Reto Achermann
 Yishay Oltchik  ETH Zurich  Network Topologies and Graph Theory
 Giray Yaglikci  ETH Zurich  Latency and Energy Characteristics of DRAMs
 05.10.2018  Alan Mishchenko  UC Berkeley

FPGA Technology Mapping for LUTs, LUT Structures, and Programmable Cells

 David Sidler
 12.10.2018  Alser  Mohammed H. K. ETH Zurich Title 1: Accelerating Genome Analysis

Title 2: Performance modeling and optimization with artificial intelligence methods

Yishai Oltchik
 Shigang Li
 19.10.2018 Michel Muller  ETH Zurich  Streamlining High Performance Computing  Marcin Copik
 26.10.2018  Müller Ingo  ETH Zurich The Collection Virtual Machine -- An Abstraction for Multi-Frontend Multi-Backend Data Analysis  Lukas Humbel


 09.11.2018 Hantian Zhang  ETH Zurich  Towards an updatable learned index Salvatore Di Girolamo
16.11.2018 Moritz Hoffmann  ETH Zurich  Megaphone: Live state migration for distributed streaming dataflows

Alexandros Ziogas

 23.11.2018 Fabio Maschi  ETH Zurich  Memory Study and Optimisation within a Neural Network Hardware Accelerator Tobias Gysi
 30.11.2018 Reto Achermann  ETH Zurich Mitosis – Transparent Self-Replicating Page Tables for Big Memory Machines  Hasan Hassan
 07.12.2018 Muhsen Owaida  ETH Zurich

Inference of Decision Tree Ensembles on Modern FPGA platforms

Simon Kassing

Vojislav Dukic

 ETH Zurich  Happiness index: Right-sizing the cloud’s tenant-provider interface  Nora Hollenstein