COMPASS Talk by Nitin Agrawal (Samsung Research): Low-Latency Analytics on Colossal Data Streams with SummaryStore

15.06.2018 11:00

COMPASS: Computing Platforms Seminar Series

CAB E 72 

Friday, 15 Juni 2018, 11:00-12:00 in CAB E 72

Speaker: Nitin Agrawal (Samsung Research)

Title: Low-Latency Analytics on Colossal Data Streams with SummaryStore




Data empowers learning; but soon, we may have too much of it, from sensors, machines, and personal devices, to store and analyze in a timely and cost-effective manner. In this talk I will present SummaryStore, an approximate storage system designed to support analytical and machine learning workloads such as forecasting, anomaly detection, and traffic monitoring, on large volumes of time-series data (∼petabyte per node). SummaryStore contributes time-decayed summaries, a novel abstraction for aggressively summarizing data streams while preserving accuracy. I'll also briefly discuss other research opportunities in this area and future work. This work was presented at SOSP '17; more details are available at

Short Bio: 

Nitin Agrawal heads the systems research lab at Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence Center in Mountain View, CA. His research lies broadly in systems, with an emphasis on storage, mobile, and distributed systems, and has received multiple best–paper awards, led to commercial & academic impact, an outstanding patent award, and widespread media attention. He served as the program committee chair for USENIX FAST ’18 and earned his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009.