COMPASS talk by Bastian Hossbach (Oracle Labs): Modern programming languages and code generation in the Oracle Database

09.05.2018 14:00


COMPASS: Computing Platforms Seminar Series

CAB E 72

Speaker: Bastian Hossbach (Oracle Labs)


Title: Modern programming languages and code generation in the Oracle Database






In this talk, we will present the Oracle Database Multilingual Engine (MLE). MLE is an experimental feature for the Oracle Database that enables developers to write stored procedures and user-defined functions in modern programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. Special attention was payed to embrace the rich ecosystems of tools and libraries developed for those languages in order to make the developer's experience as familiar as possible. We will show several demos of MLE in action and discuss the challenges of integrating a language runtime with a database system. Under the hood, MLE is powered by the speculative JIT compiler Graal. Having a modern JIT compiler inside a database system not only allows for efficiently running user-defined code, but also for runtime compilation and specialization of SQL expressions and other parts of a query plan to speed up overall query execution.

Short Bio:

Since 2015, Bastian is a researcher at Oracle Labs in Zurich, Switzerland. He is currently working on a high-performance query execution engine for database management systems that is capable of executing query plans combined with user-defined scripts written in a variety of languages (e.g., JavaScript, Python). Bastian received a PhD degree in computer science from the University of Marburg, Germany, in 2015. Prior to Oracle Labs, he has been involved in several projects in the areas of data analytics, data processing and IT security.